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What It’s Like To Be a Customer Service Manager

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by Jobtrees Team
Customer Service Career Interview Video

How To Become a Customer Service Manager

Customer Service FAQ’s:

Will AI take over the industry?

AI enhances efficiency and provides support, but has limitations such as the lack of emotional intelligence and empathy required for customer interactions. Overall, human interaction is vital for quality and positive customer service experiences.

What are the pros and cons of working in customer service? 

Pros: High demand job provides job availability across industries, often remote or flexible, transferable skills such as strong communication, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, teamwork.

Cons: Burnout from dealing with upset customers, repetitive tasks, some companies require work during the evenings, holidays and weekends, high stress levels during peak periods.

What are some opportunities for career advancement in customer service?

Click links to learn more about advancement opportunities which may include roles such as:

Customer Success Director

Customer Service Coordinator

Team Lead



or specialized positions within customer service, such as:


Quality Assurance 

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