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A better jobseeker experience is a better hiring experience

We provide jobseekers the information they need to improve the decisions they make in the jobsearch process. This means, you see less unqualified applicants and spend less time sifting through resumes. We actively update candidates on the status of their application so they don't feel ghosted and you can spend more time on hiring.

Take advantage of unique tools to enhance your hiring process

Post a job in minutes.
Candidates receive a pre-evaluation score of their likely fit with the job based on their resume before they can apply.
When candidates choose to apply, the pre-evaluation score is shared with you. Use our eval to help you sort or leverage your own ATS.
We provide updates to candidates as you change their status.
When you’re ready, reach out using your preferred communication channel.

Better informed candidates mean less unqualified resumes

Our pre-evaluation process gives the candidates feedback combining our experience, our database of career data and your specific job requirements to show them how well they potentially fit (or not) with the job, BEFORE they apply. We share specifically where they match well and what they can do to improve. We can share feedback candidly with jobseekers that employers may want to share but can’t. For those that are likely a strong fit, they get the encouragement to apply and those that aren’t, get feedback on what they can do to be ready to apply in the future.

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Improve your experience by improving the candidate experience

Our pre-evaluation requirement helps the jobseeker and employer both save time, which is important, but our automatic status updates solves the #1 jobseeker complaint, lack of communication from companies after they apply. The jobseeker will see if their application has been looked at, if they are moved to a potential interview or if they are passed by the employer as not being a fit. This communication comes in the form of standard language from Jotreess that takes the stress off the employer to stay up on communicating with all applicants and lets all applicants know where they stand.
Better data means smarter career

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