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About Us

Jobtrees is new site focused on providing jobseekers and career builders a way to discover fulfilling roles and how to get them.
We combine data with images to create a career search experience that provides greater insights while feeling less like work when you’re doing it.
meaningful data
Our most unique feature is our Jobtree

A Jobtree is a visualization of the career paths that most commonly lead to and from any of the over 4k unique roles in our career database. The tree is created by aggregating real career paths to show the common steps from one role to the next. In using the Jobtree, you will likely find that many of the potential paths to and from a role are often not what you would expect. Very often, the common career path is not a hierarchical climb up the corporate ladder but a winding journey to find the right role fit.

More Data = Better Insights
Please share your career path with us. This helps us improve the insights we provide back to you and other users. We promise you in return to keep that data private and not sell it.
Be Curious

We encourage you to be curious about what new roles or career paths you can find leveraging our Jobtrees and other tools on the site. We appreciate you joining us for your career explorations and want you to know that we are diligently working to enhance that experience.

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