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What It’s Like To Be a Server

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by Jobtrees Team
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How To Become a Server

Server FAQ’s:

Do you have to have work experience to be a server?

Generally serving is not an entry level position in most restaurants. Most servers will start as a hostess or busser or another restaurant position. However, depending on the individual, it's possible to get hired as a server at smaller restaurants or during mass hiring of a new restaurant. 

How are tips distributed among servers? Are tips extra?

Common practices include individual tips where servers keep the tips they make during their shift, tip pooling where all tips are gathered and divided among staff, tip sharing where servers tip out a percentage of their tips (or sales) to support staff such as bartenders and bussers. It varies by state but generally servers make minimum wage plus take home a percentage of their tips. Tips are considered income and servers do get taxed on the total tips received or a percentage of sales whether or not a tip was received. 

Are there opportunities for advancement within the server position?

Common advanced roles include positions which are both forward facing working with the public and positions behind the scenes such as:



General Manager



Event Planner

The customer service, multitasking, and communication skills one masters working in the restaurant industry are highly transferable to all other industries.

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