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What It’s Like To Be an Independent Contractor

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by Jobtrees Team

How To Become an Independent Contractor

Independent Contractor FAQ’s:

Are independent contractors self employed?

An independent contractor is a self-employed individual or business that provides services to clients or companies on a contract basis. They are not employees of the companies they work for and are typically responsible for managing their own taxes, benefits, and work schedules.

Do I need special qualifications or certifications to become an independent contractor??

The qualifications and certifications required depend on the type of services you offer. Some professions may require specific licenses or certifications, while others may not have any formal requirements.

Independent contractors work in various trades across industries such as: construction trades, IT, creative arts, consulting, transportation, healthcare, personal services, legal services, engineering. 

Example Roles in Construction Trades:

Example Roles in  Information Technology (IT):

Example Roles  in Creative Arts:

Example Roles in Consulting:

Example Roles in Transportation:

Example Roles in Healthcare/Personal Services:

Example Roles in Real Estate:

Example Roles in Legal Services:

Example Roles in Engineering and Architecture:

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