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What It’s Like To Be a Property Manager

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by Jobtrees Team
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How To Become a Property Manager

Property Manager FAQ’s:

What are the career prospects for a property manager?

Property management offers a range of career opportunities, from managing residential properties such as apartment buildings and condominiums to commercial properties like office buildings and retail spaces. As the real estate market continues to grow, there is a demand for skilled property managers to oversee and maintain these properties.

What is the work environment like for property managers? 

Property managers typically work in an office setting, but they also spend time on-site at the properties they manage. The job can be fast-paced and demanding, especially when dealing with tenant issues or emergencies. Property managers may also work irregular hours, including evenings and weekends, to accommodate tenant needs. 

What are the pros and cons of property management? 

Pros: Career advancement, job stability, flexibility, interaction with people, diverse job duties such as overseeing maintenance, tenant relations, managing finances and regulations which can keep the job interesting and engaging. 

Cons: High responsibilities such as managing emergencies and tenant disputes, on call hours, difficult tenant management, maintenance issues, legal and regulatory compliance.

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