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Sports Jobs! What to Expect Working in Athletics

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Those who work in athletics typically have a passion for sports and physical activity. Positions may perform or oversee athletic operations including working directly with athletes or behind the scenes. 


What to expect working in athletics


Sports jobs can be rewarding, but it can also be competitive and demanding. 


The specific nature of the work will depend on the particular role.

  • Sports jobs such as athletes and coaches may work long hours, weekends, and holidays practicing and preparing for competitions, and they may travel frequently. Part-time work is also common for coaches or scouts.
  • Sports jobs such as athletic trainers, physical therapists, and sports psychologists may work with athletes on a daily basis, providing treatment and support.
  • Sports jobs such as sports agents and marketers may work in office settings, or travel promoting teams or events.


It is important to be prepared for the demands and challenges of the athletic industry, as well as the potential for injury or other setbacks.


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According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the sports industry is projected to grow much faster than the average for all other industries.  


Approximately how many sports job openings to expect in the US:


  • Coaches and Scouts: 39,900 openings each year 
  • Umpires, Referees, Sports Officials: 3,600 openings each year
  • Athletes & Sports Competitors: 2,900 openings each year 
  • Fitness Trainers & Instructors: 65,500 openings each year 


The athletic industry has several options to work as an athlete, a trainer, in medicine, media, or as part of business related partnerships. People, activities, and organizations are all part of organizing and promoting sports related activities, experiences, and products. 


Higher wages


The average wage for roles within entertainment and sports careers are currently higher than the average wage in the U.S.


What sports jobs are available?


Athletic Director 

  • Average Salary $58K  
  • Job Availability Medium


Athletic Trainer

  • Average Salary $57K
  • Job Availability Medium



  • Average Salary $77K
  • Job Availability Medium



  • Average Salary $44K
  • Job Availability Medium


Sports Agent

  • Average Salary $64K
  • Job Availability Low


Sports Broadcaster

  • Average Salary $51K
  • Job Availability Low


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