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2024 Career Statistics Summary

What the workforce is saying according to our 2024 surveys conducted by

Job Balance:

44% - feel their job allows for a healthy work-life balance.

Job Search:

39% - are actively searching for a job.

46% - are actively searching for a job.

Work Culture:

47% - receive recognition from their manager for their accomplishments.

Job Skills:

41% - say their current job does NOT align with the college major or training they completed.

Job Security:

44% - feel like they have job security.

33% - feel like they have job security.

Interview readiness:

67% - do NOT practice interview responses with a friend or interview tool


63% - are actively seeking networking opportunities in their current or desired field.

AI-assisted Resume:

36% - have used AI-assisted technology to help build or optimize their resume.

Career Change:

58% - believe a career change would have a positive impact on their overall well-being and happiness.


79% - enjoy working with their fellow co-workers

Pay and Benefits:

80% - are satisfied with the compensation and benefits offered in their current role


80% - feel their organization encourages and supports innovation in the workplace.

Latest Poll Results 

2023 Career Statistics Summary

What the workforce said according to our 2023 surveys conducted by

Job Pay:

17% - are very satisfied with their salary 

28% - do not feel that they are adequately compensated

44% - believe there are pay disparities at their current place of employment

50% - say their compensation is in line with their level of experience and expertise

Job Skills:

39% - agree that Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is changing their job

55% - feel their knowledge aligns with their career goals.

Job Satisfaction:

65% - are not happy with their job

35% - are happy with their job

73% - find their work to be meaningful

43% - feel satisfied with their job

Job Balance:

76% - have a good work-life balance

85% - believe work-related stress impacts their productivity and performance

75% - believe work-related stress affects their overall well-being

Job Growth:

40% - believe there are ample opportunities for career advancement in their current role

Work Culture:

59% - feel that their work environment is positive and supportive

33% - feel their work culture values and recognizes employee contributions.


24% - DO NOT get recognition from managers for their accomplishments

Job Search:

48% - actively searching for a new job

Job Research:

28% - apply for jobs without researching beyond the job description

36% - regularly research companies before they apply for a job

Remote Work:

70% - have to go to the office one or more days a week

Career Readiness:

57% - are not currently in a role that aligns with their long-term career goals.

2023 Poll Results