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Engineering Jobs: What to Expect if You Want a Career in Engineering

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Careers in Engineering

Engineering is a very diverse field with many different career options. The most common industries that employ engineers include: aerospace, automotive, construction, defense, energy, environmental, healthcare, manufacturing, mining, and telecommunication. Engineers are also employed in various governmental organizations, research, and consulting firms. 

What to expect working in the engineering industry

Engineers may work in inventing, designing, developing, maintaining, and testing systems, machines, structures, and data systems. They may also be involved in development, project management, and research.

There are many specialized fields but some of the most common engineering fields include:

  1. Aerospace engineering (air and spacecraft) 

  2. Biomedical engineering (medical field)

  3. Chemical engineering (chemicals, fuels, etc). 

  4. Civil engineering (infrastructure: roads, buildings, bridges, water systems)

  5. Computer engineering (computer software engineer and systems)

  6. Environmental engineering (protecting and/or relating to the environment)

  7. Electrical engineering (electrical systems motors, control systems power generators)

  8. Mechanical engineers (mechanical systems: engines, machines, tools)


A high mastery of mathematics and sciences is standard. Engineering technicians and technologists careers often require an associate's degree or higher. Most other engineering jobs require engineering bachelor's degrees from accredited universities. Many engineers also obtain masters or doctorates degrees as well as specialized certifications. 


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Opportunity for careers in engineering

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the architecture and engineering industry as a whole is projected to grow 4%, which is the average pace for all occupations.  

Yearly engineering job openings & projected growth in the US: 

Civil engineers: 24,200 openings each year (7% growth)

Industrial engineers: 22,400 openings per year (10% growth) 

Electrical engineering: 20,100 openings each year (3% growth) 

Mechanical engineers: 17,900 openings per year (2% growth) 

Computer engineering: 5,300 openings per year (5% growth) 

Aerospace engineers: 3,800 openings each year (6% growth) 

Chemical engineers: 2,000 openings each year (14% growth)

Materials engineers: 1,700 openings per year (6% growth) 

Petroleum engineers: 1,700 openings per year (8% growth)

Environmental engineering: 1,600 openings per year (4% growth) 

Bioengineers & Biomedical engineering: 1,200 openings each year (10% growth)

Nuclear engineers: 700 engineers openings per year (11% growth) 

Mining & Geological engineers: 500 openings per year (2% growth) 

Agricultural Engineers: 100 openings each year (0% growth)



The salary for engineering jobs can vary depending on several factors such as the type of engineering, the level of experience, and the industry they work in. The median salary can range from less than $60,000 for entry-level engineers to more than $150,000 for experienced engineers in management positions.

Some specific engineering fields tend to have higher salaries than others. For example, in May 2020, the median annual salary for mechanical engineers was $87,040, while the median annual salary for petroleum engineers was $137,170.

Also, engineering industry, location, company size, and benefits can also affect the salary of engineers. Engineers working in major metropolitan areas tend to earn higher salaries than those working in rural areas. Engineers working for larger companies may earn higher salaries than those working for smaller companies.


Available roles/careers in engineering: 


Civil Engineer 

Average Salary: $81K

Job Availability: Medium 


Mechanical Engineer

Average Salary: $86K

Job Availability: Medium 


Software Engineer 

Annual Salary: $111K

Job Availability: Medium 


Engineering Technician

Average Salary $54K

Job Availability: Medium


Electrical Engineer

Average Salary: $87K

Job Availability: Low


Aerospace Engineers

Average Salary: $90K

Job Availability: Low


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