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All You Need to Know About a Marketing Manager Career

All you need to know about a marketing manager and related roles
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by Jobtrees Team

Marketing is one of the most popular career fields worldwide and not only has many high demand positions, the future job outlook is great for anyone looking to start their education or jumpstart a new career in marketing.

What is a Marketing Manager?

Marketing managers play a crucial role in helping an organization promote and sell its products to its customers which requires them to develop strategic marketing plans for their organization and oversee its implementation and execution.

They can lead and influence how a brand is perceived in the market with duties that can cover the spectrum of how an organization communicates. They are marketing experts responsible for creating marketing strategies, managing junior marketing team members, guiding social media, SEO, Google AdWords and other platform performance and often creating content for their organization.

The Job Outlook for Marketing Careers is Excellent!

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the marketing analytics show there will be an increase in hiring marketing managers and other marketing jobs. Marketing managers will continue to grow 10% between now and 2031 and other marketing jobs will grow at a 6% rate which is faster than average for all occupations. These marketing analytics are great news for job seekers looking for careers as a marketing expert or careers in marketing and beyond!

Top Career Pathways for Marketing Managers:

The average career pathway may not be what you think! data shows that veering off the traditional or hierarchal path is very common. Check out the top careers before and after marketing managers.

Top Careers Before Marketing Manager:

The most common roles before market manager include: account executive, marketing coordinator, marketing specialist and associate. Explore common pathways for marketing managers here!

Top Careers After Market Manager:

The most common roles after market manager include: marketing director, marketing coordinator, associate, communications manager, account manager. Explore common pathways for Marketing Managers here!

Why might you see the same role leading to and from a role as a marketing manager?

The marketing manager pathway or Jobtree is built based on the aggregation of career profiles and so the repetition of a role in the lead up and the progression from a primary role is a result of people's careers not following a linear path of role title progression. Also, titles aren't used synonymously at all companies so that the responsibilities, scope, or rank for a marketing manager at one company may be different at another so what may look like a downgrade in title is actually a career progression.

How to Become a Marketing Manager

A bachelor's degree is required for most marketing management or marketing expert positions. However, a specific degree does not necessarily define your career. Career paths are not statistically linear so if you are making a career shift or just starting out in your career journey, focusing on classes or experiences where you can obtain the necessary marketing skills to prepare you for a career in marketing is a great power move for your future. Internships, joining clubs and volunteering are beneficial in gaining real life experience and exposure to them will help to highlight skills on your resume that are needed for marketing jobs.

See career paths that others took to become a marketing manager

Knowing what employers and recruiters are looking for when hiring marketing managers and including the marketing skills on your marketing resume will help you prepare for your new role. Review the marketing skill below and think of what experiences you already have from past roles, internships, activities, or classes you have participated in. 

Top marketing skills for your resume:

  • Analytical - A large part of your role will be researching industry trends and determining effective strategies for your organization.

  • Communication - Marketing managers will be communicating with a broad base of other managers and staff members within the advertising, promotional and the marketing process. You will need to be a strong listener as well as effectively write and speak persuasively to the public.

  • Creativity - Generating new and imaginative ideas will be a constant part of a marketing role.

  • Critical thinking - You will be presented with marketing plans and strategies that you will need to decide on to benefit your product and organization. Being able to think critically about each choice and execute appropriate decisions is essential.

  • Interpersonal - You will be working with a diverse range of people in different roles. Experience and strengths in working with others in and outside of an organization is important.

  • Leadership - You will manage other team members and need the ability to direct and motivate staff towards a common goal

What marketing skills do you already have and what can you do to strengthen your resume?

Are you ready for a new career in marketing?

Marketing managers average salary, job openings, and career building resources.

If you need help building that marketing resume or want to get advice from career experts, review these Career Resources to help you on every step of your career journey in becoming someone employers are looking for when hiring marketing managers.

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