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4 Job Interview Prep Tools to Ace Your Interview

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by Jobtrees Team
Resources to Ace Your Interview

With the world changing faster than ever before, people are switching careers at an incredibly high rate, with many industries being turned completely upside down.

While changing jobs can be an incredibly exciting prospect, it can also be daunting, with one of the biggest hurdles being the interview process. Many job-seekers have felt confident in their chances of filling a position, only to have lackluster interview experiences drain their enthusiasm.

Although interviews are uncomfortable in many cases, there's quite a lot of job interview preparation you can do, with many resources available to help you out.

If you or someone you know is job-hunting and needs some assistance with understanding and excelling at interviews, then these interview resources will prove invaluable.

Why is Job Interview Preparation Important?

While it's tempting to simply dive right into a job opportunity, that's rarely a good idea in actuality. In job searching it's important to make sure your resume is updated with keywords and that your are checking to make sure YOU are good match for the job.

In interviews, it's important to display your interest, enthusiasm, and competency to potential employers, which is something that should be done with a lot of forethought. It's almost always necessary to do some research into a company, think about potential answers to questions, and get some feedback on your interviewing technique before you face-off with a professional. Otherwise, you might stumble through a conversation, which can be interpreted as a lack of seriousness or knowledge on your part.

4 Job Interview Preparation Resources

LinkedIn is by far the largest and most comprehensive online community where professionals congregate. Consisting of millions of entrepreneurs, business owners, and employees spanning every profession imaginable, it's the #1 place people have to go in the modern age if they really want to make a serious impact with their careers.

Not surprisingly, LinkedIn is an absolutely stellar place find job interview questions and tips. There is no shortage of successful people who have experience with both being subjected to and conducting interviews who are more than willing to assist others in their career journeys.

Much of this assistance can be found through public groups or even just personal connections you make with other people on the site, but there also exists a litany of well-organized guides to help you figure out exactly what interviewers are looking for and how to respond to their inquiries. 

Unlike LinkedIn, which operates mostly as a social media site, Glassdoor is primarily a job board where job-seekers can find openings posted by potential employers; in fact, it's one of the most popular sites in the world for people looking for work. However, similarly to LinkedIn, there are quite a lot of resources to be found that can assist people in acing interviews. 

Not only are there articles available giving general advice to job applicants, but there also exists a unique feature that allows you see what kinds of job interview questions a particular company is going to ask you ahead of time. Based on various algorithms and testimony from site-users who have already gone through the interview process at a business, you'll be able to anticipate how the flow of an interview is going to go and respond appropriately. 

A U.S. Department of Labor project, Career One Stop is an excellent resource that acts as a good "baseline" for how you approach getting into a new career. 

It has job search tools, skill assessments, industry breakdowns, training opportunities, and networking information. One of its most promising features though, is the large number of guides available that cover numerous topics, with there being an especially in-depth description of the type of interviews you're likely to encounter and how to negotiate wages in an interview situation. 

Possibly the most unconventional, but also most impactful, resources you can use is something called This is a website catering to individuals looking to be employed at some of the most influential tech companies, such as Microsoft and Stripe, by offering them mentoring sessions as well as "mock interviews," where industry professionals will rate you on your interview performance. 

If you're interested in going super high-powered with your career, then is an invaluable tool.

Putting That Job Interview Preparation to Good Use!

Interviews are a challenge even for the most seasoned of pros; it's a process that can be littered with disappointment and complexity for pretty much anyone. However, it's far from impossible to succeed in and with the right resources at your disposal, you can completely wow any future employer.