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12 Personality Tests to Take to Find the Right Job Online

12 Personality Tests to Take to Find the Right Job Online
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by Jobtrees Team

The hardest question to answer in one’s life is what to do for their career. The answer to your career choices, the way to make a living, the livelihood of your choice - isn’t that what keeps you up at night as well? It does this to us all. It is crucial that we choose the career field that supports our lifestyle financially, socially and culturally. In this article, we will share 12 best personality tests to conduct for finding the perfect career match for you.


A website that offers free registrations to job seekers trying to find the perfect fit for their careers, CareerHunter tests you on unique measures across 29 different personality types. The approach followed by CareerHunter is not only dependent on the professional qualifications or interests one might have but also takes into consideration the personal preferences of the test takers.


16Personalities is the most widely used personality test across the globe. Using different measures to understand the personality type of an individual, it not only identifies the personality traits suitable for a career but also helps users analyse their personality traits as individuals. It takes into consideration decision-making skills, emotional quotient, and other such intangible quality types.


Using a simple formula of color identification and association with neuroconnections, this personality type analyses choices in both forward and reverse psychology. It tests the preference of colors in the most-liked as well as the least-liked orders for the users. Based on the orders the colors are chosen in from a vast spectrum of options, it analyses the extrovertism and introvertism function of the users’ brain.


While not an available option free of cost, MBTIOnline is based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Flagged as one of the most important research in the history of psychology, the Myers-Briggs Type indicator comes from a 70 year long research. This personality test breaks down the personality into relevant segments finally analyzing a deeper and more reliable result.

Personality Perfect

Yet, another personality test that is not solely focused on the academic or professional traits but also values the personal traits of an individual. This test makes it easier for the test taker to understand the questions and respond in the best possible manner. It does not complicate things by adding multiple options to the test but in fact, compels users to choose between the given options for the best one. It makes questions more personal and relatable while the results also depict the relevance of them in a professional environment.


This test is a rather comprehensive one. With 120 statements on the test, each to be ranked as the least likely or most likely over the span of 5 options, studies the aspects of one’s thought process to generate results that help the users analyse the best available career fields for them.


Crystal’s free personality test is not just a regular personality test. It offers more accountability to users once the test is taken. After taking the personality tests, users get a chance to create a profile with Crystal which further helps out to understand oneself better and continue working on one’s personality as well.

With clients across the spectrum like CNN, Fortune, The Guardian and more, Crystal fits in the bill for all you need to know about your personality. It is also an extremely flexible platform for it collaborates with other platforms like DISC, 16Personality and more to offer a wide approach for taking a personality test.


While not a free platform, CliftonStrengths is a highly analytical platform for personality analysis. They understand that humans are essentially the most complex creature on Earth and take multiple factors into account to conduct the final analysis.

With 177 questions to answer over no more than 15-20 minutes, this personality test presents a highly detailed report for the users including analyses on strategic thinking, problem solving and other skills that are extremely useful in the professional world.

The SAPA Project

SAPA: Synthetic Aperture Personality Assessment is basically the detail of the way data is collected on the The SAPA Project. While this test is free and totally anonymous, it also takes yet another step to share the details of what the users are getting into before taking them to the test so to know that anyone taking the test has given full consent for the test. The test bases its results on 6 main personality frames and 12 lower-order aspects.

See My Personality

See My Personality is one of the best platforms to discover your strengths and weaknesses - always a set of useful information for interviews. For those trying to be more self-aware and analyse how the rest of the world sees them, this is a great personality test. Once again, it is also free. In the long run, this information can definitely help you boost your self-confidence.

Big Five Personality Test

This personality test shares its bases with See My Personality. This looks at the five great factors of a personality, namely, openness, conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion and neuroticism. By far, the Big Five is considered to be the basis for most modern personality research. The test only has 60 questions and takes no more than 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

TypeFinder Personality Test

A statement indicator spread across 7 sections on TypeFinder help you analyse your personality and finally gives the result based on the Myers-Briggs fundamental of 16 personality types. After completing a total of 130 questions, TypeFinder generates a report on which the details can be unlocked as you go along.


In our opinion, it doesn't really matter whether you make a highly analysed decision or decide to go ahead with your gut. We believe that it's always invaluable to know oneself better before diving into a new career industry, especially if you plan to work in it for the rest of your life.

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